We support ethically driven entrepreneurs to validate, launch and grow their brands.

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The Startup World Is Broken

Built on ego and the power of the individual, it rewards quantity over quality, consumption over creation, quick exits over sustainable growth, and shareholder profit over shared prosperity.

We're changing this through the power of mindful and ethical growth. Helping bold innovators to use their businesses as a catalyst for positive change.

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In good company

We work with ethically driven start-ups worldwide to create and grow revolutionary brands. Only partnering with organisations that authentically place social or environmental impact at their core. Here are a few of our dearest clients:

“At the Scottish Family Business Association we worked with Lee and his team at Zebra Growth to rethink our name and our brand, and the entire team was a joy to work with. Creative but practical, often radical but always within the bounds of our organisation's needs, purpose, and values. It was always a pleasure to meet at each stage of the total overhaul of our brand, and we were delighted with the results.”

Martin Stepek, CEO

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“The workshop was great value for money. Moh took the time to meet with us prior to the session to set the scope of the workshop, taking on board what attendees needed most out of it and setting overarching goals to achieve by the end of the session. The session itself was laden with practical resources and exercises.”

Aish Moothan, Programme Associate

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“Zebra Growth supplied exactly what our Start.coop cohort was looking for! Moh gave our group a great overview of how to look at marketing as a series of experiments.”

Greg Brodsky, Founder

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How we can help

Tailored branding and growth support for ethically driven start-ups and scale-ups looking to accelerate their impact.

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Learn & Validate

After identifying your impact KPIs, we approach your market with a curious mindset, gathering data that validates your assumptions.

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Create & Design

We help you to formulate your purpose, mission,  vision and tone of voice before designing a distinctive visual identity that allows you to stand out.

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Launch & Grow

We craft, and help execute your growth marketing strategy. Continuously testing assumptions to achieve revenue-generating and impact-focused growth.

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Recruit & Train

Once your marketing function is established, we actively support you to recruit, onboard and train your new growth team. We don’t keep you hostage.

Effectively ideate, test, track and scale your brand, with ethics & impact prioritised

Why work with us?

Growth marketing is an experiment-led approach to building and launching a brand, allowing you to test and validate ideas, minimise wastage, accelerate growth, and maximise impact.

It’s a pursuit for always seeking better, smarter and more efficient ways to grow.

We adopt this approach, with the addition of ethics, transparency and social impact as a priority.

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Efficient Growth

We don't hold you hostage

Ethics-first approach

Pragmatic at our core

Our Promise

We promise to help communicate your brand purpose and ethically grow your impact on the world. When your business thrives so does your impact.

Our belief

We believe having a lean and iterative approach to building a brand is one of the most effective ways to accelerate positive change. For a great idea to be realised, it requires a rock-solid strategy that combines data-driven tactics and awe-inspiring creativity.

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Our Partners & Collaborators

We collaborate with like-minded thought leaders that are envisioning a new paradigm for our economy.

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